Sunday, November 14, 2010

Veterans Day and Weekend

I missed getting on line and posting some photos I took recently from my trip to CLF. We stopped in Madison, Georgia and a resident recommended we visit the cemetery ( stores were not open yet!) We decided to take a stroll. My dear friend Rebecka loves to stitch what she calls death samplers; the ones that have a message about remembering the crafter by their stitched work after they are gone. She was especially interested thinking she might find some inspiration for her designing. It was beautiful and the morning was enjoyable. We walked together and we walked alone. It was interesting to see the segregated burial areas, and the area designated for unknown soldiers from the Confederate Army. I pray our nation never again has to fight among itself. For all the soldiers, those that are gone, those that served, those that are serving, a special thank you. Enjoy these photos as the weekend ends and Veteran's day is past us, allow them to touch your heart and remember those that fought for our freedom and those that still do today.

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