Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Food for thought!

I popped over to read Dan's answers tonight at Yesterday Once More and he really got me thinking about my home and my collections. I had to leave him a comment and this is part of what I shared: "got me thinking about my own collections, my first collection, my most beloved piece, and so much more. Isn't it true that collections are so much more than the items themselves. When collections are part of your decor, not just for decor, they tell so many stories. It's the greatest form of recycling to me as we gather the old, the discarded and the relics of the past. Part of decorating with collections to me is that so much of what I have reminds me of something, someone or sometime; evokes a treasured memory and makes me smile." Now I have a better idea of why I love antiquing. It is always about the treasure hunt of course, but also about a day with a friend, a special item from my grandmother's or the laughs along the way. As I enjoy the items I have been blessed to add to my home, I think of someone, I am reminded of sometime, or something in between. Now I can say even that my home reminds me of you, how you shared an idea, or created a vignette I wanted to enjoy in my own home, or commented on my blog. What a treat.
As promised, since this is titled food for thought, I am including a recipe tonight. It was our dinner and no photo is available as we gobbled it up before I thought about taking a shot! So easy, so tasty and so fast! Enjoy!

Ken's Pineapple Chicken
6-8 chicken tenderloins cut into chunks
1 jar Ken's Asian Ginger Salad Dressing
1/2 fresh pineapple ( or one can tidbits) cut into tidbits
1 onion chopped
1 bell pepper chopped
Olive Oil

Pour 4 Tbls Olive Oil in sauce pan or fry pan
add chopped onion and cook on Med heat
add chicken, half bottle of dressing and pineapples
stir as needed while cooking
once chicken is done, add bell pepper and cook til soft
add remaining jar of dressing.
when heated through, serve over rice.

Let me know what you think about this easy recipe!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

May Day is coming!

This year, if I am not mistaken, May Day is the day the Summer Edition of A Primitive Place magazine becomes available to ship! WOO HOO! I look so forward to receiving that magazine in the mail and I will tell you: my world stops just long enough to browse through the pages. Then later, when all is still, I will sit back with a big glass of iced tea and study it from cover to cover! It then becomes the topic of conversation between Rebecka and I. We will probably meet for coffee somewhere and each bring our magazine and sit and study! I think only Prim Friends can understand that! So, to all those at APP, thanks so much for creating such a lovely magazine! We can't wait for it to arrive! Beth

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Need your Advice

Ok, Prim Friends, I need your help in making a decision on a piece in my home. I am reposting this photo of a great settle I bought which is painted baby blue. I know it has white under it as well, and perhaps some other colors too? SO the question is: Paint it or Strip it? I love wood tones in my home, but have a few great old painted pieces. I am afraid if I paint it the piece will not look "old" and of course the stripping is just all that work! This settle sits in my foyer and is surrounded by other wood tone pieces of furniture. Tell me what you would do for your prim home?

Happy Easter, He is Risen

Beautiful day here! Egg Hunt at church this morning along with some of my favorite hymns. How blessed I am!

Rebecka had to find a home for her male bunny and on our little outing Friday we discussed he could come live at our house. Olivia was thrilled when he arrived yesterday afternoon. He is very tame and as pretty as he can be. Speaking of pretty, the long time tradition of Easter pictures is included in my blog today. Olivia, I think, is a beauty. Her sweet sister is married and lives in Hawaii, so only one gal in our Easter photo this year!

This week I plan to add a recipe, thanks to Amy at Cottage Prims for reminding me that was something I wanted to be sure to include in my blog at least monthly! Hope you will stop by again soon, and share your ideas and comments with me! Happy Easter to you! Beth

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Oh well!

We had a great time shopping on Good Friday! Rebecka and I took our girls to a local outlet mall with the plan to stop and shop at some treasure shops along the way. We found some great deals at the outlet mall, had a fun lunch together and hit a few shops. We were so disappointed! We found nothing at all to buy, nothing at all to adore even! We laughed after the last stop and said how we would have loved just to see a great piece, even if we could not afford it, but alas, none was found! We did laugh...a lot! We always do, and that was worth the trip all along! I am adding a few shots from my house for Easter....Enjoy!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Happy Easter

Hello Blog Friends and Happy Easter weekend to you! Great minds think alike as I just talked to Rebecka and we are off on an adventure today! Can't wait to report in on that to you! Put the camera in my purse already!

Our cats had to examine a Longaberger package that arrived this week. Poor Jackie worked for days to peel back one end of the package. I did not open it as I was to deliver the whole box to a friend, but Jackie thought we needed to examine the contents. Finally she was able to morph herself into the perfect slender cat to gain access. Hairry Baker just laughed, climbed on top of the box and said "Now let's see you get out." Ah the humor cats bring to a home. Enjoy these photos from the box show and have a lovely weekend.

I am thankful for God's gift to us through his son Jesus Christ.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Topiaries: I made them myself!

Over the last week or so I noticed a tutorial on one of the blogs. I thought I saved the blog name to share, but for the life of me cannot find it. I really wanted to give credit to the blog that inspired me to create one of these delightful prim topiaries, but alas, it will have to come soon as I find that piece of paper! I gathered supplies yesterday and this evening crafted two little topiaries. I am not the best crafter by any means, but I am pleased at how they turned out. Please tell me what you think! Now to find the perfect spot...... I am thinking I may need a few more!

Thanks for stopping by!


Enjoy these photos and thank you for stopping by! Thanks for allowing me to share!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Farm Stitch Primitives!

Exciting News! Rebecka, my dear friend, now has her own blog: Farm Stitch Primitves is the name of her blog. She has enjoyed me sharing so many of your blogs with her that now she has her own as well! Be on the lookout for great photos and ideas from her. I believe Rebecka is truly the luckiest person I know and she ALWAYS finds great items at incredible prices. I visited a thrift store today and brought home a great arm lamp...will share a photo later. Also went to Michaels and picked up supplies to make a little prim topiary. I am not sure how that is going to work out, but I will give it a try! I always get about half way through those things and think "wow, I should have just bought one". Unfortunately, where I live there are NO PRIM stores...and the local antique shops have very little to none in the way of prims. Good reason to pack the car and go on a road trip with Rebecka...the hubbies can mind the children for a day or two! Hope you have had a grand Monday...happy week to you! Beth

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Some eye candy!

Foyer still being painted...well, the touchups are left to do, then photos will come. In the meantime, thought I might share a few photos of some of the little spots in my house that I love. You all are so kind to share such great inspiration, I would like to share the spots you have inspired me to create! Hope you enjoy, and leave any suggestions as well!

These are all spots from my kitchen. I change out the items on the noodle board quite often, leaving the big candle jar in the center. It sits on the kitchen table. There are THREE bowls sitting in the chair filled with apples. The largest one is quite dark and gets lost in the photo. The chair is a new acquisition, from a friend right out of her garage. Covered in "peanut dirt", she rescued it from her dad's barn. I saw it and had to have it....cleaned off the dirt, prim'd it up a bit and will have to post a photo of it alone for you! One of my bowls in the rack came from my grandmother's home. I never saw her use it, did not even know she had it until we closed that chapter of her life....when I saw it I was so excited, way in the back of a cabinet. It is by far the most special one I have of course....and I wish I knew if it had been hers alone, or her mother's as well.

The Lay's jar was Rebecka's great find yesterday on our little outing. Thought you might like to see it! I did pick up a great 1800's book today, and it is now proudly in my Mississippi secretary. Hope you enjoy the photos....and are having a lovely weekend. Thanks for stopping by!

Friday, April 15, 2011

Yum, new color for the foyer!

Running errands today and a quick trip with my buddy Rebecka to a few shops....she was the lucky shopper today buying a fantastic large Lay's jar and a wonderful old ironing board. I bought paint. I recently painted my guest bath a lovely color from Glidden: Natural Linen in eggshell. I loved it so much I vowed all the rooms downstairs would become that color eventually! (Well, maybe, I still love my kitchen color!) The foyer was the next room on my list, following quickly will be the den. Tape is up, furniture pulled from the walls and the painting has begun. Once completed, will post some photos, and later tonight hope to get some other photos up for your enjoyment! Hope you have a delightful weekend ahead, I WILL BE PAINTING! :)

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Prims and Cats

Is it just me, or does it seem if you love prims, you have to have a cat in the mix? We have two right now....Hairry Baker and Jackie. Both are excellent prim examiners: sniffing new items excessively, moving feathers around, laying on top of prim books, sleeping in prim bowls. They especially love my Longaberger Baskets. Empty baskets are prime for exploration and playtime. Meet Hairry Baker and Jackie; residents of The Prim Colonial.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Somehow I must be more diligent in my blogging! I am certainly going to do better starting today! Prims and Propers has not gotten aflight yet, but it is addition, just a little shopping has happened over the last several months. That's gonna have to change! Adding a few shots today to share some of the latest purchases and a great photo my daughter took traveling across country this past summer.... more to come as I work hard to share with all of you as you have shared so generously with me!