Thursday, February 16, 2012

A Big Hole!

I have noticed that other bloggers experience the same BIG HOLE in their blogging from time to time. I always wonder what is going on for them, and lift them up in prayer, because I know what it is like to have a black hole absorb your time sometimes. Some bloggers share their experiences while others can barely glance at their computer. It is all a matter to issue it seems.

Such an experience happened to much so, that, not only did I miss many months of sharing with you, but also missed putting out my beloved Thanksgiving decor, my treasured Christmas goodies, and was only able to get a tree up and a wreath on the door. Blogging, though I longed for it, was out of the question.

My husband had a back issue that turned into c-spine surgery....only after weeks of extreme pain and doctor visits. The final catalyst for moving forward was a trip to the ER by ambulance ( our third ER trip, first by abulance though) that finally set the days in motion for more tests, surgery, recovery and so on. Thanksgiving was a blur, while the days leading to Christmas were oh so busy. With work, his needs, a daughter in high school, and the regular daily chores, I missed all the celebratory decorating for the seasons!

God is good all things! In the midst of chaos, He brought so many wonderful treats to us! First, of course, was the successful surgery and recovery ( though I now know I will not be able to live in the same old folks home as my husband! :) ) Somehow, all the work got done at my job and at home. I had already done all my shopping and wrapping, boxes ready to ship. Those little blessings that made the stress less. Did my Christmas cards while waiting at the hospital. Then, our son in law came to town! You may remember he and our precious oldest daughter live in Hawaii and we have not physically seen them for over a year. He was selected as part of a team of pilots to deliver a helicopter to the Naval Aviation Museum nearby. Wow, what an honor, and oh what a special time to share with him. His pile of seabags tossed in my foyer made me smile. Soon after his brief visit, my youngest daughter and I were coming home and two little kitties dashed across the road ahead of us, missed barely by the two vehicles in front of us. Without a doubt, we rescued them and they came to be our tree decorations. They stayed in the tree til all the ornaments were off! They brought lots of laughter to our home. We were able to find a home for one, but we are STILL looking for a home for the other. Our kitties are enjoying the addition, but want their favorite sun spots back!

I had high hopes for the season of "time off" to give me the opportunity to do some home improvements. You all continue to inspire me to keep on the prim path. Guess that will wait til spring. I promise to share!

Well, the black hole has finally ended with the last of the doctor appointments for a while. My antiquing buddy Rebecka and I are planning some "jaunts about" in the coming months. I am ready to get back to the hunt, and leave the BIG BLACK HOLE behind.


  1. There is always a light at the end of the tunnel which happens to be a black hole. I am so happy you are begining to see the light again. You have been blessed with much joy throughout your trials. I am happy that you can see the blessings. It will be nice to have you blogging again. Welcome back. -Steph-


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