Tuesday, July 26, 2011

An Appreciation for Shoes.

There is something about shoes that absolutely fascinates Hairry Baker. I am not sure what it is that attracts our kitty to shoes, but it is a hilarious scene to watch. We kick off our shoes when we come in the house typically and almost immediately Hairry Baker is hugging and rubbing against the shoes. There is loud purring and chirps and quite a bit of "wallering around" as my grandma would say. Don't try to reclaim your shoe for at least 30 minutes. Sometimes, Hairry pulls both shoes underneath as if she is nesting and falls asleep atop the pair. She is a girl, so maybe that means something.....we do like our shoes.

Hairry is quite curious, that is for sure. Anytime a new prim comes in, Hairry must inspect it. I love how she opens her mouth ever so slightly to get the best "smell" possible as she checks the ins and outs of a new piece. If Hairry could only tell us the history of a piece by it's smells. Once a piece is approved, Hairry claims it for several days, sometimes weeks at a time. I have a new piece picked up a few weekends ago, and due to lack of time over the past two weeks, it is still sitting in our foyer. I plan to get it moved to an upstairs bedroom this week, but Hairry is quite happy with it right where it is. Underneath is the perfect spot to hide in the early morning so that when Jackie decides to come down for breakfast Hairry has the perfect advantage of springing on Jackie's tail. The sun hits the top of it just right about mid afternoon so that Hairry has a superb spot for sunning. Best of all, Hairry likes to prop up against it and look out the side window by the front door as the walkers come by each evening with their dogs.

Both cats are certainly a little lazy right now; it is so warm out. I am looking forward to the cooler months ahead to bring a little more energy to their steps and playfullness in the chilled air. No matter though the season, there will still be new prims for Hairry Baker to inspect, and more shoes to appreciate. ~~ Beth


  1. Such a cute post. Hairry Baker is too cute. Can't wait to see your new prim piece. Have a great evening.
    Thru Nanas Window

  2. Beth, Hairry is a cutie! Isn't it funny how their personalities (or should I say purrsonalities) come out. The dry sink that I had wonderful ideas for decorating became Frito's bed. I never dreamt I'd have a pink princess blankie in the dry sink in the living room for the cat! To make matters worse - Frito is a HE! ~Ann

  3. Such a cute post! Pets are so funny -- each with their own quirks..... I have a LARGE trencher that I put under a table. My plan was to put seasonal dolls in it -- thought it would be so cute. It never happened.... our cat, Spot, thought it was for him and claimed it as his own. Of course, there were some blankets in it already -- and a pillow -- for the dolls that never made it in there. It made a perfect bed for Spotty -- and so it goes.....

  4. Adorable~ gotta love the furbabies~


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