Sunday, July 17, 2011

A Prim Hunt

A prim hunt is certainly something I look forward to. Sometimes they just happen, other times they are well planned adventures. Some hunts last for days while others can be a few minutes to a full day trip. I have no preference, though I will say I am a little partial to those journeys that last a few days. I will embark on a prim hunt whenever I am called to do so.
Such is the case from this past Friday. When attending the Spoon Sisters Auction in Tyrone, Georgia a few months ago, several items were purchased that did not fit in Rebecka's vehicle. Of course, we had to go back. I myself had purchased an item at a favorite stop along the way that needed to be picked up too. So we packed up the kids, some cucumber sandwiches, and a U-haul. Down the road we headed!
One must always be prepared for the hunt. Plenty of snacks and drinks are a must. A few magazines filled with prim ideas (A Primitive Place is crucial) and your "must find" list should be handy. A little notebook, pen and measuring tape are good to have for notes and measurements. A good night's sleep is not required, but does help if you are the driver! Pillows and blankets for the kids are a good idea in case you are much later returning than you planned. A fun dinner out is always a treat.
Our most recent journey began pretty early in the morning, as we were making a day trip to a location almost 6 hours from home. Arriving at the great prim shop of Spoon Sister's Tiques and Treasures, our plan was to load and go, with a short hunt around their shop. I scored BIG almost immediately, spotting this great firkin: $10 said the tag. Ripe for the picking! Never noticed the 20% sign in that booth....what a pleasant surprise!
Now, sometimes you have to be willing to leave the planned trail when you are prim hunting. Just such a deviation occurred as we met Miss Betty there at the shop , who told us there was plenty more good hunting in her garage and storage house just right around the corner. We followed our prim hunt guide to her house and got a tour of a wonderful home and goodie filled garage and storage house. Rebecka nabbed a fantastic iron and brass bed.

Back on track and furniture loaded, we stopped at our two favorite shops along the route. There we both found some delightful goodies. The inlaid box (there I go again on the boxes) and the yelloware bowl were nice finds for me. The topiary (one of three!) was a treat, as it was a super price. Rebecka kept two and I kept one. Rebecka selected a few items too. We honestly bought very little on this trip
but if laughter had a value, we'd be rich!

I don't think you can judge the success of your prim hunt by the number of items you bag. Yes, we love to come home with lots of items to find homes for; that special place just waiting to house our find. We were very pleased with our smaller catch. To find a treasure or treasures you can bring home and place in your decor is, of course, the design of the hunt. Sometimes, the hunt is more about the fellowship of the hunters than the size of the catch. Sweet memories and a warm friendship are the greater treasures you can bring home and place in your heart. That's the best prim hunt find of all! ~~ Beth


  1. Oh sounds like a wonderful trip.Do share the recipe for cucumber sandwhiches mine are just coming in..It looks like you got some great finds.You could always stick it all in a box and send it to me for our swap..joking...Girl trips are always the best! Warm Blessings!~Amy

  2. I agree! The trip does sound wonderful, though. And you both got awesome treasures. That's always a big plus. :o)


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