Wednesday, July 20, 2011

One Day is the Someday that became Yesterday.

When I posted all those houses from Eufaula, I did not have a photo of the kind of house I want to build one day. Right now we live in a Creole Cottage or Cape Cod style, three dormer story and a half, which I love dearly. But, the houses from my hometown in SC built like the one pictured here is my absolute favorite exterior. One day................................

This is a grand old porch with the flag flying. A red front door, black shutters and of course, the picket fence!

Olivia captured these two old buildings on our little adventure to Eufaula a few weeks ago, Great backdrops for the portraits we took of her. Oh the stories these old buildings could tell about yesterday.

One day........ I like to translate that into someday. Funny, now that our house is full of things I love, I still can't stop that shopping habit for great old pieces. Often I think "I should keep that, it will look great in the someday house". Or, "I should buy that, it is such a great price and would look great in the someday house." I then rationalize and say to myself "I can find a place for it, cause one day is someday and someday is coming." For those of us who love the hunt, live for the find, and keep dreaming of the someday house, this all makes perfect sense. I do "trade up" as some folks say, buying the next better piece and saying goodbye to the item it replaced. It's a romance with decorating and perserving articles from the past. In that case, hum this old favorite "some day my house will come" to the tune of some day my prince will come. Until then, I'll just keep waiting for one day to become the someday that is yesterday.


  1. Beautiful house! So many like this in my general area. Some are immaculate and others are not-so-much. But I love the style.
    I also agree with your decorating philosophy. I hope your someday comes a lot sooner than you think.

  2. I love that house, too! You don't see them like that around here. Keep dreaming, they say dreams do come true!

    Bear Hugs & Blessings~Karen


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