Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Bunny Shots

Rebecka told me the bunny she was bringing to our house just stayed in her back yard all the time and would do the same at our house. WRONG! Elroy (or should I say Houdini) the bunny has figured out how to get out of the back yard and likes to visit all up and down the street. We wondered, as we watched him hop off about three houses down into the woods, whether or not he would ever come back. Well, the answer is yes. Elroy has been off and visiting for the last four days and always comes back home it seems. Back in time for breakfast, afternoon snack and dinner. Sometimes he misses the before bedtime snack that Olivia takes out to him. He came hopping up this morning when we went out and called him. Our neighbor was outside getting ready to leave for work and all he could do was laugh and say " A pet bunny that comes when called, who would have believed it. " Elroy has decided he likes to live under the front porch rather than the back deck, and prefers that you hold the carrot and celery while he eats. Here are a few shots of Elroy, with Olivia pampering him! Have a great day! ~ Beth

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