Saturday, May 7, 2011

Saturday Sales in the hood.

The sweet treasures from the neighborhood yard sale: great old box, wire rack/basket and a terrific old ladder....and a book for my friend Rebecka.


Great soft pink dress from Maggy London
Superb red dress from Calvin Klein.

Our neighborhood is holding its annual spring yard sale today! Traffic will be heavy, deals will be great, and we have a gorgeous day for it. I went out to check out a few of the sales, making sure to visit one neighbor who has a booth in a local antique mall and also loves primitives! I was delighted to find four great items and spent only $20.00!

Yesterday, Rebecka and I met for lunch and some shopping. We typically don't visit the mall, but I had an item to return to a store there. We both came away delighted with some purchases for our girls! Rebecka bought a fantastic prom style dress that was well over $200 originally for only $24.99 on clearance! Perfect fit, color and style for her oldest Emily! I netted two dresses for Olivia, both over $150.00 on sale for $29.99 and the other just $34.99. Great dresses for upcoming school year homecoming and other events. Though these were not primitive finds, we were most happy with the great deals! Olivia's two dresses were perfect fits and she loved them! Here are some photos of our "catch" for the weekend! Enjoy and Happy Mother's Day to all my prim friends! ~~ Beth

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  1. Oh I love that box!! You "done good" as my friend says!!! :-)

    Can I ask what color paint it on your walls in the kitchen? It is warm without being too yellow if my monitor looks true!!

    Happy Mother's Day!! HUGS!!


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