Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Places Everyone!

First, let me say how much I appreciate all of you that have become followers and those of you that comment as well. I hope I always leave you with some food for thought about our prim/colonial attraction, good ideas I have surely copied and photos that you enjoy looking at. I'm going to step my writing up a notch in July (or so I think!). Today though I am sharing some "spots" that received new items in my home. When I get back from one of our adventures, I am always excited to find that spot for the things I purchased. Sometimes I know immediately where they will go and other times not....sometimes it means parting with a treasure from before and other times it just means "make room!" I really had a nice gathering of treasures a few weekends ago. I was mainly looking for old books, but found none....most of what I purchased was not on my "need to find" list. None the less, I loved my goodies and found homes for them. I took some photos of a few of them to share now, some to share later. So, without further adieu: Places Everyone!
The little red box with the nicely curved front received a little sanding and some stain over the red paint, giving it a much older appearance. It was on my "list to find" so that the fire place lighter had a place to hide. My mantle is a work in progress right now, so the box is off center. Need your ideas and inspiration to finish out the mantle. Love the painting of my sweet Olivia, still deciding if I need to frame it...any thoughts? Place the pewter cup next to it for now.

Previous post revealed the make over on the firkin, the old "crate box" and the wonderful grain box all teamed up in the laundry room. The large square document box found it's way to an end table in the den....placed it underneath the smaller box I had there. Not sure if this will be the final "spot" for this beauty. Greenery from Spoon Sister's Tiques and Treasures nestled in on the kitchen table for some summer foilage display. Should have bought loads more of those, they are so sweet and delicate. Rebecka and I often call our trips by the items we bought. The Pie Safe trip is one tale. The Book trip is another. For me, this was The Box trip. I only needed one...but came home with four. Five if you count the one that ended up in Olivia's bathroom for a trash can. Wouldn't you agree there is a great joy in the hunt? And only your prim friend can understand the grin of satisfaction, the squeal of delight and the hug you give the item. ( Please tell me other people do that!) Our drive home is often a converstation of placement of items, favorite item found, best deal of the day, and the regret item ( the one you left behind for whatever reason that seemed reasonable at the time but now seems like utter nonsense!) Typically, one attempts to resound the reasonable reason to make it seem reasonable again, but, tragically fails to do so! So you might ask, my regret on the last trip? Letting a great old blanket box get away at the auction. My favorite item was the grain box. Best deal? The grain box! Lastly, placement has been revealed here with the hopes it meets your approval. After all, you are my inspiration at The Prim Colonial. ~~ Beth


  1. Such a nice post and so well written. Yes, only prim friends truly understand.
    Lovely finds and wonderful placement of them! I love old boxes too and have several.
    I always enjoy visiting you!

  2. Hello Beth!...I just wanted to stop in to say thank you for visiting my blog and for the kind words about my Picture Trail...because you mentioned that you'd like to find a black sock cat, I also wanted to let you know that I sell a black sock kitty in my shoppe that is handmade in the USA...you will find it in my Primitive Dolls category...thanks again for stopping by!

  3. Hi Beth, I love all of your old boxes - what great finds. I just discovered your blog through Yesterday Once More and became a follower. I invite you to visit my blog - http://primsue.blogspot.com/.
    Have a wonderful 4th!


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