Wednesday, June 15, 2011

A Prim-Over for a Firkin.

You might remember from a previous post a little firkin that I purchased. Someone had painted it a weird brown color with gold trim and topped with a decal. Since it was much less than all the other firkins I had seen that weekend I decided it should go home with me and I would strip it. Mind you, I really don't like to strip things...I am not patient enough and often, after all the work, you discover that the wood underneath is just not that great. In this case, I figured it would be a case of just paint over it and prim it in that fashion if stripping fails to impress. So, I got to work and found a layer of yellow paint and then a layer of blue paint underneath. Nice copper tacks too! Once down to the wood, I was pretty pleased. I did not get it stripped completely, left some of the paint for a nice prim look. I added some stain and found a new home for the firkin. What do you think about how it turned out? I think my prim-over came out just prim perfect!

And, I completely forgot to mention that I picked up this lovely grain bin on our little outing too! I am loving the patina on this box and all the "stains" on the top. I bought it as the man placed it in his booth. It went to the laundry room, Now the firkin has a lovely place to rest next to the neat box made from an old lettuce crate (part of the label still inside!)
I would be remiss if I did not mention this little box with the painted strawberries. I did not buy it, but it caught my eye...want to know why? Well, because it was a make do for sure: an opened can of spam, painted black, rickrack added to the edges and some tolepainted strawberries added. Notice how the spam tab acts as the hanger for this little jewel. :)

Now that is ingenuity at its finest!


  1. WOW!
    Your firkin looks wonderful!
    And I love that crock in the first photo.
    Awesome finds.

  2. The furkin looks amazing! The paint you left on it really gives it an authentic look. Congrats on your great finds and nice handiwork!

    The spam can make-do is cute!

  3. Wow is right! You unearthed a gem there ...looks perfect with your other two great finds!!

    I am fine...
    Mom has had some issues but I think with med adjustments, we have a better balance now. Thanks so much for checking in!! That was so kind of you!! HUGS!!

  4. You make over is perfect. It makes me want to go shopping for some finds for my home! : )

    Take Care,


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