Thursday, June 16, 2011

Whatcha workin' on?

I can never imagine my home "done", there is still that dream home to build with the walk in pantry and a six foot table to find for that kitchen. In the meantime, there is still the regular upkeep and tweaking to do here....and I always seem to find a piece I love and have to have, not knowing where in the world it will go or what piece I will have to part with to make room ( I know I should never say such things!). I am wondering what you all are working on; what room or concept or prim-over. I love watching those transformations that many of you have shared. Currently I am painting, a little along all the while. Doors badly needed it, so they have been my target of late. Most of all, I have been working on a change in the prim scenery in Olivia's bathroom. I have added a few work in progress photos for you. I bought this wonderful bucket bench after I had painted her bathroom and that set off a whole new direction in the prim accessories there. So, I keep tweaking there right now. When it is all done, I will share again! I continue to be inspired by your beautiful posts and they keep me on the road to completion with each new idea or vignette you share. Many thanks for being my daily dose of prim decor addiction! Now you know what I will be up to this weekend! ~~ Beth


  1. It looks great so far! I'll be back again soon to see what else you did. :)

    Have a great day!

  2. I can't imagine my home ever being done either. What would we do with our time?? Right now true projects are on hold but I really should finish stenciling the hall I started in 2010! LOL And I want to stencil our master bedroom and I want to make the shutters in the living room solid istead of louvered and .... well you get the idea I am sure!!

    I love all the prim touches in Olivia's bathroom - looking good! Keep on tweaking.. it does a body good!! Big hugs!!

  3. Hi, Beth
    I am never done~ always thinking of different ideas~Fun~ Fun!!!
    Your bathroom is looking beautiful!!!


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