Friday, June 3, 2011

Prairie Rose

Prairie Rose Eye Candy. YUM!

Busy Friday for me, lots of errands it seems. Now the weather is REALLY hot! Oh, how I already miss spring. I decided since it was so hot and there were so many errands on my list I should stop at my favorite store in my little town for a break. After all, the Prairie Rose gals had completely redone their booth and I had not seen it yet! They have the greatest ideas and a very simple color palate. Even though my house is prim colonial in decor, I am drawn to their khaki, white and black color scheme enhanced by silver pieces and some rusted items now and then. This creative pair seem to always have something that makes me say "AH-Hah, how clever is that!" and I often find special things for my home in their booth. Here are a few shots of their booth that you might enjoy. I would like to gleen 1/10 of their creative genius for myself but until then I will just continue to be amazed by their work and bring a little of it home from time to time. Hope your weekend is perfect! ~~ Beth

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  1. Morning Beth . By chance , have you recieved the traveling box yet ? If so did you ship it on to the next person ?


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