Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Things Cats Like

I find cats so interesting. They have such eccentric personalities it seems to me. Pets are such incredible blessings from God and we certainly enjoy our two kitties.
Cats seem to really like summer. There is something about this change in season that they enjoy. From the new baby birds flitting about on the lawn to the ice cream in your bowl, they seem to enjoy all things summer. Jackie naps a little more on the rug in the foyer. She sleeps like a dog, don't you think? Hairry Baker has a thing for flip flops....can't get enough of them, rolling on them and hugging them. They love the fresh fish we have during the summer and they love curling up in Olivia's lap as she enjoys her summer reading. As I think about it, I believe both kitties were born in early summer, so chances are they like this time of year simply because it's their birthdays. ~~ Beth


  1. OMGoodness... Jackie does sleep like a dog, too cute...


  2. They are so cute~ Pumpkin Pie sleeps like that~ upside down ~paws up! Oh, too funny~ I thought it was just my goofy Pumpkin!!Gotta love the furballs!!!
    Sidewalk art~ so much fun~ my 4 year old niece is just getting into it!!! Brings back memories~ but we didn't have color!! LOL
    Summertime fun!!!

  3. Thanks so much for your kind words Beth!! I so appreciate them!

    I enjoyed your patriotic photos but couldn't comment before - so glad I can now! I pray your daughter never needs to know that type of sacrifice either! Her husband is one of our real life heroes!


  4. The cats are so cute! I am a mom of seven of them so I see them everywhere and they do seem to love summer!

  5. Your kitties are so adorable !Hugs,Jen


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