Sunday, June 12, 2011

Traveling Swap

Two little kittes came to live at my house courtesy of the swap I participated in! Some of the goodies I received!

Two prim candles that smelled good enough to eat have found their home in my pewter sconces.

What a treat to see that wonderful box arrive! The Sisterhood of the Traveling Swap box arrived at my home...a little tattered from it's travels so far, but certainly still tough and concealing its contents well! Sweet Mary from sent the box on to me. She has a terrific blog that I enjoy, so I was pretty excited to see what all was in that box! Olivia wanted to help me open it and see what I had to choose from. We sat on the floor in the middle of my little home office and we opened the box revealing 5 wrapped goodies. The aroma from that box was yummy...cinnamon and coffee smells filled the room. I let Olivia choose the first item to unwrap. Once we were done unwrapping, we knew it would be so difficult to choose less than 5! Olivia promptly advised me to keep them ALL! I laughed and said "I can't do that, I am not a crafter and the next person on the list deserves some hand crafted items too. I will have to choose wisely, add a few of my collected treasures and send it on to the next person." We debated, discussed, carried things around the house to see if there was that special spot. I signed the inside bottom of the box, removed a cat that had decided it was a great place to sleep, made my selections and added my goodies to the box. Olivia had carefully wrapped all the goodies again for the next recipient, Mary G. I had to leave some of those beautifully crafted items in the box, though I wanted to keep every one.

Mary at Marmmies is very talented and her items were perfectly prim! I left some in there for you Mary G. as I could not be selfish and keep all those handmade items for myself. Many thanks to Deb T. over at Crows Creek Primitives (another outstanding blog!) who started the swap. What a fun idea, like Christmas in June! I would love to do it again! I am enjoying my Sisterhood Swap items and will remember them as my first ever swap goodies!


  1. Hi Beth, I'm so happy that you found a few goodies to your liking and that you had fun with the swap. I also want to give you a big thank you for the kind words about my goodies and the plug for my blog.....your such a sweetheart! Thank you again, Have a wonderful week! Hugssss Mary

  2. Oh the kitties are adorable! I can't wait to get the box been waiting a good week!~Amy

  3. Awesome selections, Beth!! I LOVE those kitties Mary did!! (She should have sent that box backwards to me so I could have done it all over again!!) ;o) Love those candles too - they were SOOO hard to put back in the box, but I didn't want to hog everything....This was my first swap too and I had a blast.....Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin


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