Sunday, April 24, 2011

Need your Advice

Ok, Prim Friends, I need your help in making a decision on a piece in my home. I am reposting this photo of a great settle I bought which is painted baby blue. I know it has white under it as well, and perhaps some other colors too? SO the question is: Paint it or Strip it? I love wood tones in my home, but have a few great old painted pieces. I am afraid if I paint it the piece will not look "old" and of course the stripping is just all that work! This settle sits in my foyer and is surrounded by other wood tone pieces of furniture. Tell me what you would do for your prim home?


  1. I would sand it lightly and let some of the other colors show through then wipe it down with old english dark scratch cover.If that's not the look your after I like black with sanded edges and then stain the edges to give it some warmth.~Amy

  2. Amy, Thank you! I will give that a try. I too love anything painted black...and I also love a barn red. This is a forthcoming project as I need to finish painting a few rooms first. Once I get started I will post photos and get some feedback!


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