Saturday, April 16, 2011

Some eye candy!

Foyer still being painted...well, the touchups are left to do, then photos will come. In the meantime, thought I might share a few photos of some of the little spots in my house that I love. You all are so kind to share such great inspiration, I would like to share the spots you have inspired me to create! Hope you enjoy, and leave any suggestions as well!

These are all spots from my kitchen. I change out the items on the noodle board quite often, leaving the big candle jar in the center. It sits on the kitchen table. There are THREE bowls sitting in the chair filled with apples. The largest one is quite dark and gets lost in the photo. The chair is a new acquisition, from a friend right out of her garage. Covered in "peanut dirt", she rescued it from her dad's barn. I saw it and had to have it....cleaned off the dirt, prim'd it up a bit and will have to post a photo of it alone for you! One of my bowls in the rack came from my grandmother's home. I never saw her use it, did not even know she had it until we closed that chapter of her life....when I saw it I was so excited, way in the back of a cabinet. It is by far the most special one I have of course....and I wish I knew if it had been hers alone, or her mother's as well.

The Lay's jar was Rebecka's great find yesterday on our little outing. Thought you might like to see it! I did pick up a great 1800's book today, and it is now proudly in my Mississippi secretary. Hope you enjoy the photos....and are having a lovely weekend. Thanks for stopping by!

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