Saturday, April 23, 2011

Oh well!

We had a great time shopping on Good Friday! Rebecka and I took our girls to a local outlet mall with the plan to stop and shop at some treasure shops along the way. We found some great deals at the outlet mall, had a fun lunch together and hit a few shops. We were so disappointed! We found nothing at all to buy, nothing at all to adore even! We laughed after the last stop and said how we would have loved just to see a great piece, even if we could not afford it, but alas, none was found! We did laugh...a lot! We always do, and that was worth the trip all along! I am adding a few shots from my house for Easter....Enjoy!

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  1. Just found your prim blog and became a follower.Got caught up on your past post and printed your yummy pumpkin danish recipe.Stop over and visit me if you get time.Happy Easter!~Amy


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